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The mission of LETOA is to promote service, professionalism and excellence throughout the Criminal Justice community.  We are dedicated to improving the proficiency and safety of officers by participating in policy making processes and advancing cooperation among trainers, governmental bodies and other organizations that enhance the quality of training for Criminal Justice professionals


The Articles of Incorporation state the purpose of LETOA is: To promote professionalism in law enforcement through training by encouraging a program of mutual assistance among law enforcement training officers within the state and by assisting other organizations or governmental bodies interested in law enforcement training.


In the fall of 1965, Albert D. Hamann of the UW Extension Institute of Governmental Affairs developed a program with the aid of a grant from the Federal Highway Administration-National Highway Safety Bureau through the State of Wisconsin Division of Highway Safety Coordination.  The program, “Training the Training Officer,” was intended to improve the communication skills of police training officers.

Hamann discussed his program idea with Milwaukee County Sheriff Michael Wolke and his staff because the Sheriff’s Dept. was patrolling the Milwaukee County expressway system and federal highway safety funding would be used to start the program.

The three-week program ended in early 1966.  The class consisted of Sheriff’s deputies, State Patrol officers, municipal officers and a DNR training officer.  Hamann did much of the instruction, but was assisted by a young attorney, Fred Wileman, FBI Agent Clark Loverin, and two drama coaches, Mrs. Smith and Ms. Behr. 

After completing the program, several attendees thought it would be beneficial to find a way to share all of the information that they had just learned in a way that would benefit more than their own agencies, and the idea of incorporation was born. On January 25, 1966, a meeting was held to elect a Board of Directors of what was being called the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training Officers Association. The first meeting of the Law Enforcement Training Officers Association was held in Madison on February 3, 1966.   A program of annual meetings of LETOA was adopted, with meetings to be held at various sites at the pleasure of the members.


One of our member benefits is annual scholarships available to qualified members or their families.  Find more information in the "LETOA News" section of the website.