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2021 Training Officer of the Year

December 12, 2019

Nominations are being accepted for Training Officer of the Year, an award presented to an exceptional trainer at the annual conference in April 2020. Nominations may be made by anyone, but one active member who is familiar with the candidate must either nominate or endorse the nomination.
Active in law enforcement training in Wisconsin.
Previous receipt of this award as well as rank or position of the candidate(s) shall not be considered
The Committee should consider the following for their recommendation:

Considered worthy based on teaching assignments. Participation in classroom activity. Displayed constructive teaching innovation. Displayed creativity. Research and development of improved training standards. Dedication to philosophy of quality training. Effectiveness to accomplish a task. Ability to motivate others.
Serve as an example of leadership in the field of law enforcement training. Contributions to law enforcement training made by candidate. Generate respect of his/her peers. Demonstrated ability to recognize the need for training improvements, when appropriate. Possess a broad knowledge of professional law enforcement training.